Pennic Notebook- Day 1, Sunday, July 27,2008

After a first night at Pennsic that varied between getting soaked and watching incredible light shows of the lightning the weather turned out a beautiful sunny Sunday for us so we could dry things out and continue getting set up.


I first went down to breakfast and it was a quiet first morning on the food court. Not many people were up yet but a line started to develop outside the Beast and Boar.


I was in and out pretty quickly at 7am but by the time I left the place was jumpin'.


On my way back to camp out battle road I was able to get this shot of the mown Pennsic numbers on the hillside. Pennsic 37 is kind of a memorable Pennsic for me because my first time here was Pennsic 7. I missed attending a few here and there over the years but I so enjoy this time.


As our day went on we had to set up more of camp and Ealdred was overseeing Bronwen scrubbing our shower mats, which showed that, once again, our camp continues to exploit the lower classes.


Now for the somewhat non-Pennsic news, those of you who have not been here yet will be surprised to know that a new gas station megacomplex has been built on 422, just outside the Currie Road entrance to Cooper's Lake Campground. Notice the I-79 signs in the background.

This has all kinds of fast foods, gas, and more, and is right outside the campground.

Something new for those folks yet to arrive this year.

More later tonight if time allows, but it's dinner time!


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