Pennsic Notebook Home Page - Day 11, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Part 1


It was my last full day at Pennsic so I went out on a major photo walk and have to break this into 2 galleries.


Chainmail. Just cool chainmail.

That's our little post office wagon snuggled up for night. Actually runs mail.

Cranes Post on the merchant area.

A morning glory blooming around one the of merchant booths.

A great camp sign.

A small, tidy, nice looking camp.

Bridge for sale, anyone? They were selling this bridge outside their camp.

A cool banner and a nice spot.

The stream down by the bottom of the lake.

Some folks were built a bit close to the water.

House Gawain that ran juggling activities in their camp.

The smart-looking camp of Wulf Den.

And their stained glass welcome light.

Clan of the Burning Hand had a nice gate.

It's a bit hard to tell from this angle but the fire pit is shaped like a hand.

A garden gate with a nice garden.

Every camp needs one. I wish ours looked as nice.


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