Pennic Notebook- Day 2 and 3, Monday and Tuesday July 28 and 29, 2008

The last couple of days have been really busy with cooking, setting up the rest of camp, cocktail hour, general schmoozing, and did I mention cooking? So I'm doing two day's worth today.

We started our day with our usual "Walkies!" (with apologies to the memory of Barbara Woodhouse). We did a tour by the Wulf Den camp down by the lake which is one of my favorite camera spots.


There are, of course, all kinds of unique dangers to deal with on the road.


After the walk, I was a good boy and finally put my car and trailer up the parking and had to go WAY to the far end of the parking lot because I had a trailer. This picture is taken from near my car and you have to go up that hill and then way down the other side again just to get to my camp. You can just see the parking lot light at the top of the hill affectionately called the "Eye of Sauron" due to its eye-searing intensity.


Our good cook, Ealdred, working on his kale, bok choy, and bean salad. It was, of course, very good.

And not a can of Dinty Moore in sight.


An innocent camper caught by the annoying paparazzi.


On Tuesday, we had the new oven crew working on getting the Three Bears bread oven assembled and working. I don't yet know how sunburned these guys got, but we'll know soon.


Pennants. I just love pennants. They just seem so atmospheric. This shot was taken on Battle Road just down from our camp.


Shopping has started!

As usual, since I share a passion for books with most of my camp mates, we tend to raid the bookstores first. You can see Ealdred in the yellow tunic to the left.


Another bookstore. My friends at home ask me if there are people with things spread out on blankets for sale. This shows we tend to do a bit better than that.


On the way back to camp I was impressed by this amphibious Viking assault vessel.


The finished bread oven is getting fired for the first time. Tim, of the oven crew, is using a hollow pipe to help start the fire inside the oven.


A look inside the door to the oven


Our own Bronwen is so inspired by some of her new garb that she has to strike a pose.


Hope you enjoyed that. More tomorrow.


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