Pennsic Notebook- Day 4 Wednesday July 30, 2008


A very stormy day at Pennsic. One that tasked my solar powered environment to the max. Almost out of power to send this and back to charging everything up tomorrow.

Today, the morning Walkies took us up to the top of the hill by the Archery range. Quite the view. This one is looking off toward the highway.

This view is looking pretty straight south to the battlefield.

Gates. So many great gates at Pennsic.

One of the fun Pirate ships about.

Another cool gate.

Some of my camp mates showing the size of this banner.

A gargoyle in the shopping area.

Pennsic Produce was a total delight. How many campgrounds where you can buy leeks and portobello mushrooms onsite are there?

More of the fruits and veggies at Pennsic Produce.

Then it started to rain.

Most of these pictures were taken while I was huddled inside the tent. This is the corner right by North Gate and you see how flooded it is.

Our bread oven steaming in the rain. The brave folks at camp kept the fire going in it and Clariel baked some wonderful bread for dinner.

A shot down Battle Road during a lull between storms.

Ealdred rinsing things out in fresh rainwater.

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