Pennsic Notebook- Day 7 Saturday, August 2, 2008


Another glorious day! But first some parking pix. This is heading up the hill to the north from camp.

This is the far side of the hill going down. My car is somewhere by the bottom.


Pickup fighting on the Battlefield.


Another cool camp with great walls.

The gate of Clan Blackhart, a combined effort of AEthelmearc and the East Kingdom.

The painted wall of a camp I can't name right now- I will get the name tomorrow. GREAT wall paintings. (I've been told these are from House Stahlgeist)


Great bird kites by Celtic Winds

A colorful collection of tents on the Serengeti.

More pennants. It was a great day for pennants.

More wonderful camp gates...

The mosaic entrance to Camp Spartii

Okay, I have a pennant problem. But the weather was great for them.

This pennant was being hand held at the time.

And finally, of course, food. An excellent ham on the spit for tonight's dinner.


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