Pennsic Notebook Home Page - Day 9, Monday August 4, 2008


Another glorious day at Pennsic. Internet radar maps show storms on the way so it could be a wet night, but it's a great afternoon.


The top of one of the nice gates just down Battle Road

One of the coolest fire rings I have ever seen.

Just a shot down Battle Road toward the food courts.

Some of the unique things to buy at Pennsic. These barrels were right outside the Panther Pavilions booth.

Teribus. They were rocking the Food Court when I walked by and I was easily talked into buying a CD. I'm listening to it now as I work on this page and I like it. Plus, they put on a great show.

Our own Post Office at Pennsic. I had just mailed a bunch of post cards there so that they would all have that cool Pennsic cancellation stamp on 'em. And the nice ladies posed for a picture. Good folks.

Another shot in the merchant area. Garb and fabric hanging everywhere.

More oddities for sale. Soapstone? Good for cooking on and carving into pewter casting molds.

I love shopping here.

Swords and other pointy stuff. Not really my market but they sure are 'purty.

Some of the fine helms at Windrose Armoury.

One of the many shrines at Pennsic. This one claims that its waters will cure constipation in the name of St. Dysentery.

Any shrine with its holy writ inscribed on a paper plate has got to be the real thing.

More garb for sale. I have to admit that I've picked up a tunic or two at this War.


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